Kangaroo Crossing: Zoo’s New Exhibit Now Open

Those visiting the Indianapolis Zoo this summer can experience the zoo’s new Kangaroo Crossing. Powers & Sons Construction delivered the design-build project, which opened on Saturday, June 18. It is the first time since 2009 the zoo has had a dedicated kangaroo exhibit.

Project Manager Jeremy Sadler (center) with Assistant Project Manager Dylan Etheridge (left) and Senior Project Manager Randy Swinford were on hand for the exhibit’s opening day.

The new habitat for the red kangaroos provides visitors with an interactive experience with free-roaming kangaroos and other unique Australian species. There is no fencing or barriers between the seven female and six male kangaroos and visitors. The exhibit includes an aviary with cockatoos that fly overhead.

Visitors follow a paved walking path through the exhibit. Some may be able to gently pet the ‘roos on the back (never near their face or ears). Guests can snap a selfie or two just feet away from the animals while learning about the threats they face in the wild.

According to Project Manager Jeremy Sadler, the kangaroo’s home is waterproof inside so zookeepers can easily spray it down and keep it clean. The 3,000 SF concrete-block structure features a water retardant in the mortar and a water sealant on the block with very little regular drywall anywhere in the holding area.

The caging system is unique with sliding doors that open and close via a pulley system rather than door handles, which could be opened by the animals. Metal columns support stainless steel welded-wire mesh netting that forms a canopy over the aviary, which is attached to the building on two sides. Net sidewalls come down to the fence to keep the birds enclosed.

Learn more about the exhibit on the zoo’s website at indianapoliszoo.com/meet-our-mob.