Construction Management

Powers & Sons has a proven track record in construction management. Our estimators, project engineers, and project managers utilize best-in-class construction methodologies and technologies.

  • We are one of two firms awarded the State of Indiana’s first public construction manager as constructor (CMc) contract following a change in legislation in 2014.
  • Our management team excels in CMc and construction manager as agent (CMa) projects.


The Powers & Sons team draws on decades of knowledge about local markets and hands-on experience in every major construction sector.

We have a strong network of subcontractors, architects, engineers, and designers throughout the Midwest.

Our estimators and project managers oversee all project details.

  • Benchmarking and cost analysis. Create, manage, and account for GMPs. Track real costs from design through change orders and close-out.
  • Value-added engineering. Identify cost-saving options and alternatives. Inform value-based decisions. Maximize budgets without compromising quality.
  • Project management. Create custom bid packages that fit local subcontractor market. Practice equitable procurement. Focus on long-lead items. Develop site utilization plans. Maintain schedules.
  • Collaboration and communication. Responsive and timely from start to finish.
  • Safety. Develop site-specific plans. Deliver new employee orientations and training. Identify and address hazards. Oversee health and wellness policies and procedures.
  • Z-PRIDE. Lead quality control and quality assurance (QC & QA) effort through Zero Punchlist Requires Individual Daily Effort or Z-PRIDE campaigns. Build quality culture. Meet project specs. Deliver exceptional results.