Indianapolis Team Participates in Citizens Energy Service Project

Powers & Sons Indianapolis once again joined Citizens Energy Group (CEG) as a partner company in their annual Sharing the Dream program to benefit Indy Parks & Recreation.

This year’s effort, led by Senior Project Manager Keith Shanklin and Project Manager Rob Pinney, included Curtis Alexander, Jeff Davis, Brad Holland, Brent Klemme, and Matt Robinson.

Keith Shanklin has served as a senior project manager at Powers & Sons since 2016.

Shanklin said Powers & Sons donated materials and labor to improve Watkins Park Community Center, an inner-city facility located at 2360 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street in Indianapolis. The park’s family center was originally built in 1939. Over the years, it has hosted weddings, family reunions, civic meetings, and other gatherings.

“The goal was to get this community resource back to its usable and functional state,” Shanklin explains. “Our task focused on removing the existing ceiling and installing a modern new grid system with tiles throughout.” Matt Robinson, project engineer, notes conditions were poor. “Our team installed over 65 boxes of ceiling tiles. This minor improvement made a big difference.”

Shanklin also played a key role in a Sharing the Dream project for the city’s Frederick Douglass Park Centennial Celebration in 2021.

The 43-acre park opened in 1921 to serve the Martindale neighborhood’s African American community. In 1926, its historic golf course opened as the nation’s only course named for an African American. Powers & Sons renovated and updated the golf course club house, with the team installing new ceilings, lighting, and carpets and adding fresh paint throughout.

Many nonprofit programs that serve inner-city residents continue to struggle with obtaining the resources they need to serve local adults and youth. Shanklin says Indy Parks & Recreation facilities are vital for members of the minority community, especially children. “Kids need safe spaces where they can spend time outdoors and participate in athletic, educational, and other programs.”

Supporting programs that serve local youth is a core Powers & Sons value that has long been a focus for charitable and service activities.