White River State Park concert venue nears completion

With the first and second phases of work to build an outdoor concert venue at White River State Park now complete, phase three of this construction manager as constructor (CMc) project is underway.

The Amphitheater at White River State Park, located at 801 West Washington, is on the east bank of the White River. It will offer a diverse mix of some of central Indiana’s best music and contemporary musical acts.

The first phase of construction was building permanent restrooms near the park’s administrative building which houses its ticket sales operation as well as a first-aid station. The resulting 12,000 SF structure was completed in June of 2019.

The second phase was to build the main stage, additional restrooms, a back-of-house artist VIP area, large LED screens, and add 3,000 permanent seats in addition to the 4,000 existing lawn seats. This work was substantially completed in August of 2020.

The current and third phase of our continued work at WRSP is to construct a large, visually artistic permanent canopy over the stage and permanent seats. The $10.8 million canopy is expected to be complete in June of 2021.

The new wedge-shaped roof will make the WRSP concert experience even better for live music lovers. The area under the canopy includes fixed seats as well as open space near the stage for a general admission pit.