Maintaining safety standards, requirements, and best practices on our job sites is a top priority. We have a robust safety program, excellent safety record, and the goal for zero injuries and accidents on every project.

Our Approach

Job-site safety and health is everyone’s responsibility. Powers & Sons personnel are trained in accordance with the policies, procedures, and protocols outlined in our safety manual. They also complete formal and informal safety training sessions throughout the year.

  • All Powers & Sons superintendents have OSHA 30-Hour Certifications. They have first aid and CPR training. Some have specialized safety training in areas like healthcare and industrial construction. Superintendents complete safety audits, checklists, and walk-through inspections to maintain safety on their job sites.
  • All team members, including subcontractors, complete mandatory safety orientations before they begin work on a new job site.
  • Potentially hazardous conditions, materials, and equipment are documented in project/site safety plans that are used to identify unique safety cautions and concerns.
  • We engage third-party safety experts and consultants on some projects. They help ensure we meet all requirements, monitor compliance with safety regulations, and make suggestions and recommendations for specific areas of improvement.