Maintaining healthy and safe project sites is a top priority. Powers & Sons follows industry safety standards. We have an excellent EMR rating and on-the-job safety record


We develop project- and site-specific safety plans to document any hazardous materials, equipment, environmental protections, personal safety cautions, and general conditions. Our team leaders are responsible for ensuring daily operations are safe and in compliance with local and industry standards.

In addition:

  • Team leaders have OSHA 30-Hour Certification as well as first aid and CPR training.
  • Every person working on the site, including all subcontractors, receives a safety orientation.
  • Safety managers audit work zones for compliance, areas of improvement, and training opportunities.
  • Self-inspection checklists and walk-throughs are regularly completed.
  • Every employee is trained according to the company safety manual documenting on-the-job safety policies and procedures.