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Safety Plan

Good communication is a necessary element of maintaining a safe construction site. Communication among contractor groups is used to identify safety hazards and loss prevention practices that each contractor brings to the work site. Therefore, Powers & Sons has implemented the following Safety Plan for our projects to eliminate job injuries and standardize work practices. This document informs interested persons, contractor groups and employees of the procedure our facility developed to transmit safety information both from Powers & Sons and their workers, and from Contractors and their workers to Powers & Sons. The standardization of these communications, encouraged by common sense and safety concerns, allows proper distribution of information to those sit effect.

A written contractor safety policy establishes guidelines to be followed for contractors working at Powers & Sons to do the following:

  • Provide a safe working environment.
  • Govern facility relationships with outside contractors.
  • Ensure both contractor employees and Powers & Sons employees are trained to protect themselves from all potential and existing hazards.

The effectiveness of the Powers & Sons safety program depends upon the active support and involvement of all contractor groups. The intent of their Safety Plan is to implement a program to ensure all contractor work practices are carried out safely to minimize the possibility of injury to their employees. It is intended to serve as an additional tool in safeguarding the health and safety of employees. The Safety Plan establishes uniform requirements designed to ensure that contractor safe orientation, coordination, and safety administration practices are communicated and understood to be the responsibilities of each subcontractor group. This document is provided to participating contractors to ensure all corporate safety plans, policies, and procedures are communicated. It also provides an avenue for contractors to communicate their safety plans, policies, and procedures to the Powers & Sons Team. The Safety Plan aims to prevent personal injuries and illnesses.


Z-PRIDE, or Zero Punchlist Requires Individual Daily Effort, is at the root of our core values at Powers & Sons. It ensures both safety and quality with every project the company undertakes. In addition, the Project Director of Powers & Sons initiates a zero punchlist campaign at the beginning of all projects, enlisting the Owner, Architect, Contractors, and Craft Personnel from the inception of the project to commit to a quality outcome in our planning and in the minds of all participants in the construction process. Most punchlist items are preventable.  Our emphasis on Z-PRIDE identifies our pride of workmanship and commitment to quality. 

It is always our position that quality begins with the right staff, pride of workmanship and commitment to excellence.

Safety Policy Statement

“Powers & Sons Construction, is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees and subcontractors and to abide by all safety regulations as they pertain to the construction industry. Safety on our job sites has always been a prime concern of our company and will always take the precedence over more expedient unsafe operations. Powers & Sons Construction , provides broad on-going safety training to its project staff as well as to its work crews. The Safety Director, General Superintendent, Job Superintendents and Foremen have full support of management in enforcing the provisions of Powers & Sons Construction, Safety Manual and the Construction standards governed by OSHA.”

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